Shortly before Christmas, the first Switch-Off of the TivùSat platform managed by RaiWay took place on behalf of Rai.

MR Telecom & Broadcast Services has installed, configured and put into operation the first Ateme Head-ends, which supply the contents of the two Rai transponders, one of which is the Home Frequency of TivùSat.

In addition to the canonical Rai television and radio services, the newly baptized transponder 125 will introduce 23 NEWS television channels; in fact, the 23 channels of TGR, the Regional Newspaper of Rai, which has editorial offices in all Italian regions and broadcasts the historic TG Regione and in-depth programs such as Morning News and Buongiorno Regione, will be added to the TivùSat platform.

Also to be appreciated is the significant increase in the quality of services, thanks to state-of-the-art coding technology, such as video quality and content latency, provided by the Ateme coding and multiplexer equipment, and the management of data flows entrusted to Change- Over by Enensys Technologies.

The credit and thanks go to all the technicians of MR and to those of the supplier companies for the excellent work done in recent months.