Bridge Technologies​

bridge technologies

Bridge Technologies produces ASI and IP video monitoring solutions, i.e. the verification of the status of some parameters of a service according to a well-defined standard (e.g. ETR290) or according to limits of some parameters set by the user.
With Bridge Technologies solutions you can monitor various signals via a modular solution (1 RU modules) which can be populated with DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2, ASI, IP, 10G interface, video analysis modules. IP probes can be optioned for OTT monitoring;
For OTT they can monitor the services sent in multiple profiles to the CDNs and the delivery of the CDNs to the end users;
Bridge Technologies provides “transportable” solutions with ASI and IP inputs;
Bridge Technologies Produces an information collector from multiple VBC probes with reporting options, SLA monitoring.